How to Cut Horse Stall Mats: [ Latest Guide in 2024]

how to cut horse stall mats

You may not always be able to get the exact size of rubber horse mats for your barn stalls. Here, I will provide instructions on how to cut horse stall mats. Cutting a rubber horse stall mat can be challenging if you don’t have the right tools or have no idea how to do it, but the good news is that once you have everything you need and know how to do it, it is not that difficult.

So, you don’t have to be concerned about cutting rubber flooring for horse stables. Even if you do not have a power tool, you are not needed to worry. You can cut stall mats easily if you know how to use a utility knife and a straight edge.

How to Cut Horse Stall Mats?: 2 Best Methods

Cutting Horse Stall Mats with Sharp Blade

You want your piece of material to be as close as possible to the size of the stall when cutting a horse stall mat. The result is that you will need to make fewer cuts in the long run, which will make your job easier in the end. A box cutter or a blade will be required when you have the rubber horse stall mat.

Cutting more than one mat at a time won’t work with this, so only do it if you cut just one mat. Your rubber horse stall mat should be cut according to the instructions provided with your blade or box cutter.

To cut through the mat, you should slice it up and down several times. They are very thick rubber, so you may need to do this several times. A blade so sharp that it could sever your hand is to be avoided. You’ll be able to get the right size once you’ve broken through the rubber.

Cutting Horse Stall Mats with a hacksaw

You should consider getting a saw or a jigsaw if you plan on cutting through more than one mat at a time. For those of you who can’t wait for small cuts along with a long horse stall mat, you might consider a hacksaw. To get the best results, you’ll need a sharp blade that has never previously been used.

The mat should not be placed on anything firm. The mat will need to be held by another pair of hands while it is being cut. You will need to replace the hacksaw blade after completing the first cut before beginning a new one.

Why is it important to cut horse stall mats?


Here are some reasons why it is vital to cut horse stall mats.

1.      Good Fit

Cutting stall mats for horses to the correct size guarantees a better fit within the stall area. A suitably sized mat covers the whole floor area without leaving openings or overlapping boundaries, giving maximum coverage and safety for the core surface.

2.      Safety

Appropriately cut mats place flat and level on the ground, decreasing the risk of tripping dangers for both horses as well as handlers. Stall mats that are unequally cut or poorly tailored may buckle, twist, or shift underfoot, creating a safety risk to horses as well as humans alike.

3.      Ease of Cleaning

Correctly cut mats help easier cleaning and preservation of the stall area. Mats that fit comfortably against each other avoid debris and moisture from collecting in openings or cracks, making it easy to sweep, muck out, and disinfect the space.

4.      Durability of Mats

Cutting mats properly extends their lifecycle and longitivity. Stall mats that are cut to the suitable size gets less deterioration along the edges, decreasing the chance of wearing, tearing, or damage. This guarantees that the mats remain operational in giving cushioning and safety for the flooring underneath.

5.      Ease of Exclusion and Replacement

Suitably cut mats are easier to move and relocate as desired. Whether for cleaning, repairs, or repositioning the stall layout, stall mats that are trimmed to fit accurately can be lifted without any trouble, reducing strain, plus effort for supervisors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the proper way to seal a horse stall mat?

Connect the horse stall mats with Gorilla Tape at their corners and other points. Additional tape in between will prevent the corners from separating after they’ve been taped up.

Q: What saw blade cuts rubber?

Typically, rubber cutting applications require slitter blades.

Q: Can you cut rubber with a miter saw?

If you are going to cut hard rubber, use a miter saw, which allows you to hold the item safely and make precise cuts without slipping. When you cut hard rubber, keep a tape measure nearby.


To prevent horses from digging into the ground, stall mats are used. It’s easier to clean your stalls, your bedding stays cleaner, and you don’t have to worry as much about maintaining your stall floors. However, there will be times when you will need to cut your horse stall mats. In the event you do not know, you might create problems for yourself and possibly injure yourself. If you want to know the proper way to cut horse stall mats, read this article.

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