How to Stop Dog From Chewing on Metal Crate? 6 Steps

how to stop dog from chewing on metal crate

Dogs chew on everything they can get their mouths on. However, chewing objects that your dog shouldn’t chew can pose problems. This needs to be addressed immediately. It is harder to get your dog to stop chewing on something the longer it chews. In this article, you will learn how to stop dog from chewing on metal crate.

How to stop dog from chewing on metal crate? 6 Easy Steps

The sight of your dog chewing through his crate and possibly causing damage all over your house isn’t nice. This is a very common problem in dogs of all ages, but especially in young, less than two-year-old dogs. Here is how you can stop dogs by following our guide stopping dogs from chewing on metal crate.

  1. Let it chew on something else

If you want to give your puppy something to chew on; you could give him a Nyla bone, a rawhide bone, etc. If your puppy chews on the right items, praise and encourage him. Choose toys that are appropriate for your pup’s size and provide a lot of toys for your dog if you have more than one.

  1. A Chewing Deterrent

Spraying bitter solutions on certain spots can prevent chewing. You can make these at home or purchase them at pet stores. Before spraying, a spot test is recommended to ensure there is no damage to the wood. If you cover your entire dog’s kennel, he won’t be able to use it entirely. You will have to reapply for it regularly.

  1. Exercise to Reduce Chewing

The more often your dog exercises, the less likely they will break out of their crate and cause damage to your home. You should not leave your puppy alone because he has a lot of energy stored up and has no idea how to release it and can ruin your house if left alone.

Walking your dog regularly, taking them on runs, and even taking them to the dog park can help utilize their energy. This way, when you are not home, they won’t have a reason to chew on their crates.

  1. Teach your dog not to chew

With positive reinforcement, you can get your dog to stop chewing his metal crate. If your dog is not chewing inside or around the crate, praise him for it. Say ‘no’ firmly to your dog if you see it chewing its kennel. Praise it as soon as it stops.

  1. Chew proof pet beds

Any dog can benefit from chew-proof dog beds – no matter how old your dog is or what stage of life he or she is in.

6.      Change the Crate

There are several types of metal crates available on the market. The metal choices contain thin bars as well as heavy steel selections. Selecting the best dog crate must be depend on numerous factors, comprising:

  • size
  • weight
  • actions

A fragile metal crate will grasp a small dog. Bigger breeds will require a heavy metal bar to halt them from floating free. A big dog will require a crate having steel bars to retain her from chewing through to choice. Even small dog breeds can help from the usage of a big crate when they are determined in their chewing. A dog owner might also get a solution in a nervous dog mat.

Why Does a Dog Chew on Metal Crate?

If you reach home to find your canine out of his crate, you will need to find answers as rapidly as possible. A rapid examination of his crate will expose he has been chewing on his metal bars to escape.

After you have gotten your dog to run away from his crate by chewing the bars, you must take steps to fix the issue. Knowing why dogs chew more will aid you in stopping them from doing so in the future. Besides, separation anxiety is an issue most canines suffer from, with some taking the issue to a dangerous level. Training a grownup canine to spend time in his crate for the initial time can lead to high anxiety levels. Other causes why your canine is chewing the metal crate include:

  • Dullness
  • A lack of exercise
  • Insufficient stimulation

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What is the reason for my dog chewing on metal?

Dogs with Pica are predisposed to chewing, licking, and craving non-food items, such as metal. If you suspect that your dog has pica, you should take him to the veterinarian immediately.

Q: Is it bad for dogs to chew metal?

Metal is just one of many things dogs are fascinated with. Pica and compulsive behavior cannot simply be dismissed as strange, casual behavior. Your dog can suffer severe damage to their body if they lick or chew metal.

Q: Is it okay for puppies to bite metal?

Just like babies, puppies also experience teething. Many people are unaware that puppies also bite. Generally, puppies like chewing on cold objects such as stone fireplaces, metal legs on chairs, and iron pedestals on tables.


You must take immediate action if your dog chewed through his crate. We have a guide where you can learn how to stop dog from chewing on metal crate. Taking the steps outlined above will prevent your dog from chewing metal crates.

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