Can a Rottweiler Kill a Wolf? (Find Out)

can a Rottweiler kill a wolf

Rottweilers are strong dogs famous for their power. However, what about a wolf. Can a Rottweiler kill a wolf? The answer is no; a Rottweiler cannot kill a wolf. As wolves are much quicker and more robust compared to Rottweilers. Wolves have extraordinary fight abilities and higher wolf bite force. Thus, a Rottweiler does not get a chance to kill a wolf.

Additionally, we will talk about why Rottweilers won’t get success against wolves. So, continue reading this article to learn more about Rottweilers and wolves.

Can a Rottweiler kill a wolf? Rottweilers Vs Wolves

Before responding to the question of who will become successful in a fight between a Rottweiler and a Wolf, you should first know their origin.


Rottweilers are one of the oldest dogs in history. Their survival can be outlined back to the Roman era, and they were mainly kept as driving dogs. The inheritances of this dog is a mixture of the innate dog breeds inside the Rottweiler region. Consequently, they have unique colors and patterns, and their size has deliberated an intermediate to be large.

In addition, Rottweilers have had a bad repute for being violent dogs because of them being highlighted in dogfighting scenes. However, similar to other dogs, the personality of a specific dog can still be highly influenced by its environment regardless of the outlook of its genetics.


Wolves are close descendants of modern-day pet dogs. They used to be principally found in the USA; however, their numbers have decreased over the years because of extreme hunting and the devastation of their natural environments. Nowadays, there are only six distinct classes of wolves in America. 

Who Will Win in a Fight, Wolves or Rottweilers? 

Here are a few reasons why Rottweilers can’t win against wolves:

1.      Size

Wolves are significantly bigger than Rottweilers. The average size of wolves is between 30-80 kg for a mature male and 23-55 kg for a mature female. In the meantime, a Rottweiler’s average size is 40-60 kg for a grownup male and 35-45 kg for a mature female.

2.      Wolves Have Higher Bite Force

Even though the bite force of Rottweilers is strongest among all dogs, it falls less rather than the bite force of a wolf. The strongest noted wolf bite force is 400-1200 psi, and of a Rottweiler dog is around 328 psi.

3.      Wild Instincts

One more reason why Rottweilers can’t win against Wolves is that they are pet dogs. They don’t have the primal character that Wolves have, particularly once they defend their territories.

How To Keep You and Your Rottweiler Dog Safe?

If you keep a Rottweiler dog as a hunting canine, you should acquaint yourself with their ways. Being able to distinguish among your dog’s tracks and other animals in the region could save your pooch. Keep in mind that wolf tracks are parallel to that of dogs; however, they are just more important.

Once you take your Rottweiler out, you must keep a leash on them to prevent them not wander around. This is significant if your dog is not disciplined enough to remain by your side and not stroll off without a chain.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What dog can kill a wolf?

Greyhounds can kill a wolf. 

They are usually 30 inches at the shoulder compared to wolves.

Q: Can German shepherds kill wolves?

It is very doubtful that a German Shepherd can assassinate a wolf because they are significantly smaller and contain a slighter bite force. 

Q: Which one is smarter, wolf or dog?

“If you undertake an animal has to live without human existence, then wolves are cleverer. However, if you assume that dogs have to live in a human atmosphere where it’s very significant to follow the arrangements of humans, then at this point, dogs are smarter.”


Rottweilers are recognized to be a strong and active dog breed. But, when they encounter wolves, they may lose against them. Because of this reason, it is great to take safety measures against permitting your Rottweilers to face wolves.

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