How to stop Rottweiler Shedding? (5 Ways)

how to Stop Rottweiler Shedding

You might be disheartened when your Rottweiler dog’s shedding is non-stop. You can be anxious that this is a symbol that an issue in your dog’s health is emerging. Yet, numerous Rottweiler owners experience the same situation. Because of the thickness of the Rottweiler’s fur, it can be a regular occurrence. But, it would be great if you could reduce the excessive shedding. This latest guide will teach you how to stop Rottweiler shedding. So, let’s get straight to some ways to stop your Rottweiler’s shedding.

How to stop Rottweiler shedding? 5 Important ways to consider 

Due to the way Rottweiler’s coat is built, these dogs will always shed some, particularly during spring as well as fall. However, you can consider some things to reduce the damage!

1.     Brush Your Rottweiler regularly 

Furthermore, brushing will eliminate the loose hair and make a difference in the basecoat where hair can build up. Ensure you’re brushing externally; thus, none of that hair goes in your house. In addition, your Rottweiler dog will also love the association between outdoor time and fine brushing!

2.     Give Your Rottweiler dog Baths regularly. 

How frequently your Rottweiler requires a bath depends on how vigorous they are and what their atmosphere is like. If your pooch spends lots of time outdoors, likes rolling around in the dirt, or enjoys digging holes, your Rottweiler will often require a bath. 

However, when we talk about shedding season, you might want to provide Rottweiler a bath just to remove broken hair on the coat! However, be cautious not to bath your Rottweiler too often because this can dry out your dog’s skin as well as coat, causing its hairs to become hard. 

3.     Ensure your Rottweiler is consuming a healthy diet 

Rottweiler’s coats are heavily influenced by their diet. An unhealthy diet can cause dry skin, stiff hair, and excessive shedding. Your dog’s food consumption depends on their time of life, weight, and performance. 

Typically, Rottweiler dogs need to consume a high-protein diet. Fatty acids can also improve general coat health and decrease shedding. As stated by veterinarian Dawn Logas, fatty acids can “be useful to give a gloss to the fur, add some shine back, and swap the oils in your dog’s skin.”

4.     Keep Your dog hydrated.

Although it’s closely linked with diet, hydration is ignored when it comes to handling shedding. As stated by AKC Pet Insurance, “Dry skin is the basic cause of hair loss in dogs and can enhance the quantity of loose hair you need to clean up nearby your home.”

5.     Decrease Stress and Anxiety 

Stress can be the main factor when we talk about Rottie’s unnecessary shedding. However, stress can be difficult to manage. Although we might not come up with our brave Rotties as feeling stressed in their home, several pups have some degree of separation anxiety. Such dogs can shed more because they eagerly wait for you to reach home. Exercise is a great approach to control stress and get your dog outside; thus, they can shed there. 


Q: Is it normal for Rottweiler dogs to shed?

Rottweiler dogs are moderate-shedding canines that can experience excessive shedding based on the season. Rottweilers blow their coats two times a year while arranging for an alteration in weather.

Q: In what months do Rottweilers shed more?

Rottweilers are moderate shedders. Usually, they shed twice a year during spring and fall.

Q: Do Rottweilers require haircuts?

Rottweilers have a coarse, thick coat having an undercoat predisposed to the climate. Rottweiler is recognized to be a seasonal shedder and needs sporadic grooming.


You must probably own space if you own a Rottweiler dog. Rottweilers are remarkable dogs; however, they will shed, particularly during spring as well as fall seasons. Thus, be prepared and informed on how to reduce shedding in Rottweilers.


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