How to Trim Bernese Mountain Dog Ear? 2 Techniques 

How to Trim Bernese Mountain Dog Ear

When you have your Berner skillfully groomed and ask the dog groomer to look out your dog’s ears characteristically, you’ll get your dog with smooth as well as clean ears outside and inside. Trimming hair from the inside of your Bernese mountain dog’s ears can be done with several techniques, from clipping or trimming to even plucking. So, in this article, I will teach you how to trim Bernese mountain dog ears. Thus, let’s dive into this.

How to trim Bernese mountain dog ear? 2 Best Methods 

1.   Hemostat Pluck Technique Prepare space

You have to prepare a space for your Berner to lie or sit happily while you are pulling the fur from the inside of his ear. 

Prepare tools

Keep our hemostat as well as tweezers nearby. Have ear powder on hand to calm any itchy annoyed skin. Likewise, keep a soft cloth, a bowl of warm water, plus apple cider vinegar for cleaning your dog’s ears once you have finished plucking.


Grasp a small quantity of hair, around five strands at once, and jerk using a hemostat, tweezers, or your haggard fingers to eliminate the small bunch of fur. This hair must release rapidly. If it resists, it can be agonizing for your Bernese mountain dog, so take fewer hairs in the clump to pull. Repeat for both ears.


When you have pulled your dog’s hairs from his ear, utilize a clean cloth to remove debris from the ear. This will eliminate the extra loose hair and retain it from entering the ear canal.


Offer your dog a delicious treat before grooming the second ear and yet again when you are finished dog grooming with both ears.

2.   The Finger Plucking Technique

 Prepare ears

Add a little ear powder to both of your dog’s ears. This will help generate texture on your Berner’s coat so you can hold it once you pluck. Dash a small quantity in the ear. 

Prepare fingers

Add a little powder onto your fingers too. Yet again, this will aid with the hold when you grasp your Berner’s fur.


Collect your dog’s ear hair, around 4 or 5 hairs. Moderately roll the hair to join the hairs as one and pull. Your Berner’s ear hair must come out and not hurt. Do not grasp too much and work in small areas.


Repeat this step for both ears in small parts until your pooch’s internal ear is pulled smooth and neat. Don’t reach above 1/2 inch into your canine’s ear canal.


If your Berner is wincing at his ears, or if you observe red or swollen zones in the ears, discontinue and don’t pluck your dog’s fur. Do not pluck your dog’s ear hair if he has an ear infection.


Offer your dog a delicious treat once you are done with ear plucking. Keep him encouraged to stay by offering him treats during the plucking too.

Dog’s Perspective


Q: Is it OK if you shave your Bernese mountain dog?

Herding breeds such as Aussie Shepherds, Collies, and Shelties have a double coat. You must avoid shaving your Berner’s coat in summer.

Q: What is shave shock?

Shaving can lead to permanent harm to the coat, letting it to be unstable and unable to deliver suitable insulation and fortification. Because of this reason, the coat can grow back in rough patches, grasp a shabby or unkept touch, or cannot grow back whatsoever.


Provide your dog with the same neat look an expert dog grooming can give by eliminating the additional hair in your Berner’s ears. Your neat dog will look beautiful with clean, fit ears. Pulling ear hair might look a bit punitive, but when done appropriately, several dogs manage it well and hardly notice. Alternatives are trimming or clipping; however, either way, make ears attractive.

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