Why is My Rottweiler So Small? 5 Possible Reasons


If your Rottweiler is so small, you might need to know why this article will show you about it. Thus, why is my Rottweiler so small? Some reasons are a problem with its diet, genetic issues, anxiety, and illness. Continue reading to know more about these reasons.

Why is my Rottweiler so small? Top 5 reasons

Below are numerous ordinary reasons why Rottweiler puppies can be small and what makes these dogs more likely to be the cause why your Rottweiler puppy is small.

1.     It’s receiving the wrong diet 

It can also be the situation in that you have been feeding inappropriate foods triggering a nutritional shortage. This will happen when your dog gets the nutrients by consuming dirt. 

2.     Genes

The cause why your Rottweiler puppy is small might be that it is in its DNA to be so small. 

3.     Anxiety

If your dog has abruptly lost weight after a traumatic event, it might be a situation due to anxiety. This will happen when it starts losing weight. In this circumstance, it would be significant to manage the problem, and it would be highly suggested that you contact a vet and a canine behaviorist.

4.     Illness

The reason might be that it holds a medical illness or a disease. This will happen when it becomes small rapidly or has abruptly stopped consuming as much and has been viewing other symptoms of being sick. In this situation, the best decision would be to visit a vet.

5.     Deliberate whether or not your Rottweiler puppy has always been small

While trying to understand why your Rottweiler puppy is small, it would aid to ponder whether or not it has been so small for its stage. If it became small abruptly, it would be because of things, for example, being more energetic but not consuming sufficient calories, becoming sick, or being tense.

However, if it has always been so small for its age, it might be because of things, for example, genetics. But, it could still be the situation that your Rottweiler puppy hasn’t been fed sufficiently.

How to have your Rottweiler be large?

Below are several ways that you can have your Rottweiler puppy be bigger. You will get that using a combination of these ways will work great.

Talk to your veterinarian. 

If you can’t understand why your Rottweiler puppy is so small, it became small abruptly, or it has been presenting symptoms of being sick, the great option would be to visit a vet. After doing so, you can get professional advice tailored to your Rottweiler and exclude the likelihood of it being a serious matter.

Feed Rottweiler the correct foods

As declared above, it could be the reason that you have been feeding your Rottweiler the wrong diet. If your Rottweiler dog has become small once you alter its diet, it might be because of a problem with its changed diet.

Feed your Rottweiler the right quantity for its activity levels

You must make sure that it is receiving the correct quantity of everyday calories. As stated above, a Rottweiler puppy will usually require to consume between 1800 to 2300 calories regularly. So, it will be good to ask your dog’s healthcare provider for the right amount of diet.


Q: Why are some Rottweilers thin?

There are numerous reasons a rottweiler dog can be underweight, counting medical issues or excessive exercise.

Q: Do Rottweiler puppies grow slow?

Rottweiler puppies have slow growth. They require additional time to gain maturity. In some conditions, a male Rottweiler puppy could take around three years to completely mature as a grownup. 

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